How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Perhaps you have just been told about a random work related drug test being scheduled, or need a clean result to enter a sporting event; whatever the reason, if you have just 24 hours to clear out any signs of weed from your system you have a serious challenge ahead.


It’s you versus nature

Weed is a drug that likes to linger for a while after the party is over, and without intervention it could easily take a month or even two before all the THC works its way out of your fat cells. Obviously trying to cram this process into one day won’t be easy, but it is possible, especially if you are not a regular or heavy weed smoker.


Do you know what kind of test it will be?

Urine tests are the most common, although saliva testing is becoming more popular, and despite this being less likely to identify weed consumed more than 12 hours previously. Blood tests are the most accurate, but in most cases you would have more advanced warning about that possibility than one day. Hair and even sweat can also be used for testing, but are generally considered unreliable compared to other options.

Here we will assume it is a urine test, and recommend techniques that have the best chance of returning a negative test. However, if you are faced with a saliva test it’s not all bad as your system will be cleaner – and if self administered experts recommend taking the sample from around teeth rather than gums or other fleshy parts of the mouth. This is a very important step to know on how to pass a marijuana drug test, for more information check out the how to stop smoking pot information page.


Option 1: cheat

The absolute easiest way to up your chances of a pass is to simply not use your own urine. You could beg a fresh sample from a friend and smuggle it into the testing zone. There are of course some risks to this; can you be 100% sure that their sample is going to be completely drug free? Are they generally healthy? Can you get the sample from them in time? (Urine deteriorates quite quickly after leaving the body.) Don’t forget to ‘warm up’ the filled pot you hand over – under your armpit works – as it would naturally be warm if fresh.

The other easy cheat is to buy synthetic urine. If you like that idea do some shopping around to find one which is pretty close to the real thing, and tips on how to warm it up. For either of the cheats to work you need the right testing environment, and perhaps a sprinkling of luck. If you prefer to make it on your own ditch the fake stuff and start getting clean from the inside out.


Option 2: cleanse

Your history with weed definitely affects the amount in your body at any one time. Long term, frequent or heavy users will obviously have to work harder to reduce what’s still around than a casual weed smoker, but when it comes to cleansing you may as well go for it to the furthest extent you possibly can. Taking a three-pronged approach can pay off. Basically this involves boosting your metabolism, flushing toxins from your body, and eliminating as much natural waste as possible.


Tackle your metabolism

There’s going to be a lot of focused exercise ahead, as it’s essential to burn up those fat cells where the chemicals from weed hang out as fast as possible. With the right fuel and regime a metabolic jump is the achievable icing on the cake. Basic ways to speed up your metabolism involve training with consistent and regular short bursts of exercise, gut healthy fibre to get things moving, plenty of coffee or tea and enough protein to provide energy without clogging things up. Make the exercise something to get your heart working a little harder, rather than strength based activities. Running, cycling, aerobics, boxing and so on are all good bets.


Work some liquid magic

Plain old water with fresh lemon is a wining drink to consume in large quantities, skipping the sugar many juice based drinks contain. Some people suggest adding in some cider vinegar, which can’t harm f you can tolerate it. You can safely ignore advice recommending bleach, for obvious reasons. Drink as much as you comfortably can, and do it regularly, but don’t go overboard as too much liquid intake can put a strain on your major organs. Green, specially labelled detox type teas, and any with burdock root in them add cleansing properties and variety to your drinks menu.


Clear out the waste

Food is essential for this cleanse to work, but focus on leafy greens, high fibre grains and lean protein, all of which will empty your bowels of waste and help eliminate traces of weed from your body. Junk and fast food is off the menu for now, plenty of time to indulge when you get through the test, instead look at eating fruit, flax seed, avocados, rice and chicken.

If you have access to a sauna try to fit in one or two decent sessions there, there’s nothing like it for sweating out impurities. Don’t forget to drink a good bit of water while inside.


Are supplements worth a try?

Some people swear by everything from zinc and b12 to creatine, and niacin, but even if you happen to have them on hand when needed they take time to build up in your system.


On the day

One last tip. Pee regularly before the test, and when collecting the sample try to avoid using the urine which is first out. The middle part of the overall pee output is less concentrated than the initial urine. (Nobody recommends the last part of the flow as you risk not collecting enough.)

These helpful tips should give you a fighting chance at passing that weed test with just 24 hours of notice, and hard work.